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Original Content
: "[OC] I took a 24-hour trip to Naha, Okinawa this weekend and was blown away by the incredible brutalist architecture!"
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Not Brutalism - International Style
: "The Pyramid in San Antonio, Texas. Shot on 35mm turquoise film. [OC]"
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Not Brutalism - Socialist Modernism
: "Brutalism somewhere in a Romanian neighborhood "
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Questionably Brutalist
: "Sarajevo's abandoned Olympic sites (destroyed by war)"
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Poor Title
: "I don't know if belong here"
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Brutalism Inspired
: "I welded this brutalist wall sculpture"
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Not Brutalism - Contemporary
: "Cool building in Lisbon "
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Not Brutalism - Modernism
: "Empire State Plaza Albany, NY"
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Not Brutalist
: "building behind a hospital"
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