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Original Content
: "Visited the Barbican in London [OC]"
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Not Brutalist
: "Timezone Arcade, New Zealand"
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Not Brutalism - Socialist Modernism
: "City 17, Eastern Europe"
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Brutalism Inspired
: "I asked ChatGPT to talk about a brutalist animal for a science fiction thing I'm writing, and it produced this image."
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Not Brutalism - High Tech
: "I don't know if it's straight up brutalism but I'm obsessed with this abandoned bomb factory (société des ateliers mécanique, pont sur Sambre - France)"
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Not Brutalism - Structuralism
: "Kubuswoningen, Rotterdam, looking up"
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Not Brutalism - Functionalism
: "It just keeps going…"
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Not Brutalism - Deconstructivism
: "Šušnjar Memorial Complex, Sanski Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina"
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Not Brutalism - Postmodern
: "large administrative building in Linz, Austria"
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Not Brutalism - Contemporary
: "PDX Skytram [OC]"
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