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Welcome to the internet's largest Build-A-Bear Community, Reddit's very own r/buildabear! This subreddit is dedicated to the discussion of anything and everything Build-A-Bear related! Whether you are a newbie or you have a collection of over 300 bears, we welcome all Build-A-Bear fans! *This subreddit is 100% fan-owned and operated and is in no way affiliated with the Build-A-Bear Corporation.*

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Just For Fun!
: "Henlo, it me, Greenbean! πŸΈπŸ’šChemo round 4! πŸ’ͺ🏼✨"
65 posts
My New BAB
: "UHM guys Build a bear accidentally sent me two colorblock frogs??"
65 posts
: "This Is Surprisingly Thoughtful"
19 posts
: "polite message to parents"
14 posts
Modified / Custom BAB
: "I need to show off this gal! She's my first dye project and was a gift for my sister's 16th birthday!"
11 posts
: "Found out today that apparently I'm a bit of a Celebrity at my local BaB.... I wonder why"
9 posts
: "Is this normal? Or is this manmade? (Second pic)"
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Created By ME!
: "CONCEPT: Mothman"
3 posts
: "I really needed this message and I thought maybe some people in this sub might need it too :)"
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Rare Find
: "my new baby bunny flora on her first spring adventure!πŸ’ does anyone know what bunny she is? I'm losing my mind trying to find any information on her"
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