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Mingmings and Swswswswsws. Hello mga KA-Muning at Ka-Pusa. This space was created primarily for r/PH and other Filipino Redditors to post and share (cute) PH cat pictures. We welcome photos of your pets, family or friends' pets, and cats in your neighborhood or current location, as long as you actually took the photo. C'mon all cat pics are cute. We trust the furparents to abide and maintain "paw-sitive" feels in the sub. Now go back to your cat overlords and serve them.

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Daily catto pics
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ComMEOWnity cats
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Adoptees with pleasing purr-sonality
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Purrfect Pose
: "kiss dw nya kayo bago magsleep"
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Me and Mingming
: "Take my hand, take my whole life too"
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Help Needed
: "hello ka-munings, please help me name my handsome boy"
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Kitty Update
: "You remember me? Me now adopted by my hooman mommy and daddy!"
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If I fits, I sits
: "Posa sa tote bag"
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