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Tired of fake brands and counterfeit cartridges filled with cut oil, dirty oil, or straight up synthetics? Dirty carts are dangerous, and are making more and more people sick every day. This sub will help you ID dirty and dangerous carts, fake brands, and cut oils, and teach you how to avoid them. Learn to find legit extracts and carts, clean hemp, CBD, and d8, and even easily make your own at home. Share your experience and help others avoid toxic fake carts!

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: "WCC CUREpen’s Vs. Friendly cured resin THC vape Carts"
43 posts
: "Is this Fake?"
38 posts
: "does this seem Legit?"
28 posts
: "Triology 710 .5 solventless rosin Disposable"
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: "Anyone try these? Haven’t smoked Thc in like a decade(hemp flower only). Probably gonna be smacked."
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: "are these Real?"
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: "Cleanest Carts on the market ✌🏽🧃"
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: "Is it Safe to use this? I think it clogged up and burnt but it looks like it's seeping in"
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: "flav live resin Disposable or raw garden Disposable"
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: "Moonrock Cartridges"
9 posts

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Advice Requests
: "how long would this last you?"
16 posts
Solution Requests
: "Best Empty 510 Carts for Decarbed Wax / Concentrate? (PRTBL Flo 510 Review)"
4 posts
Pain & Anger
: "Quick question, recently, I’ve been having problems with my dab carts, when it gets down to to around .3 or .2, it clogs and spits up ALOT of oil through the drip tip and onto my lips. Never had this problem before. Any information helps ! PFA"
2 posts
Money Talk
: "First time trying Evolab alchemy cdt line. 60 for both on sale"
1 post
: "Introducing r/ConcentrateCarts"
1 post

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