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Your Reddit home for all things related to the Honda CR-V! Curious where that table is? What does CR-V stand for? Is this a good deal for a CR-V? Should I change the differential oil? Post on r/CRV and find out!

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Question ❔
: "CRV Type R variant ???"
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Show Off 📷
: "22 years young 🥰"
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Issue ⚠️
: "24 hybrid sport died while driving on the highway"
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Mods/Addons 🔦
: "First Hybrid! First CRV! This thing is amazing!"
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Review 📝
: "2005 CRV with Over 311k Miles"
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General 🔀
: "Honda vehicles are a big part of why my family is wealthy."
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News 📰
: "Look at this awful quote I received for a 23 CRV LX last spring💀Needless to say I didn’t go back to this dealership"
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