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The future of sustainable transportation is here! This is the Reddit community for EV owners and enthusiasts. Join and Discuss evolving technology, new entrants, charging infrastructure, government policy, and the ins and outs of EV ownership right here.

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: "Hyundai Motor Sees Record Profit In Q3, Keeps Its Ev Plans On Track"
94 posts
: "GE-100 Electric vehicle prototype (late 1970s) looking a bit forlorn in a parking lot in Saratoga Springs, NY"
53 posts
: "bp boosts EV Charging network with $100 million order of Tesla ultra-fast chargers | News and insights | Home"
41 posts
: "Toyota to begin steer-by-wire production in 2024 | Autocar"
25 posts
: "Tesla warns that a federal probe into whether it exaggerated the range of its cars may lead to a 'material adverse impact on our business'"
23 posts
Electric Cars
: "California Says Electric Cars Now Make Up a Fifth of Auto Sales"
19 posts
: "RUMOR: Volkswagen plans to transfer control of Electrify America to Porsche"
18 posts
Ev Sales
: "Ford October U.S. Ev Sales: 6,831. 4.6% of total company sales"
15 posts
10 posts
: "Consumer Reports calls Ford's automated driving tech much better than Tesla's | CNN Business"
10 posts

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Money Talk
: "Ford F-150 Lightning gets price increase for 2024 model year"
4 posts
Pain & Anger
: "Getting tired of the "nobody wants an EV" posts/news articles."
3 posts
Advice Requests
: "Let's talk about charging"
1 post
: "How many of you owners use utilities with after-hours reduced-rate charging?"
1 post

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