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This is a place for anyone who suffers from endometriosis or related conditions, or suspects that they may do. The vast majority of our users are endo patients and this is predominantly a space designed for them, but we also welcome those who want to find out more about endometriosis or related conditions. Everyone is welcome, but please help us to keep this a supportive community by being considerate to each other. Please read the rules and guidelines section before posting.

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: "my Pain never sends me to the ER, I feel like maybe this is in my head?"
105 posts
: "The stage of your Endo is irrelevant."
91 posts
: "can Endometriosis cause intense hip pain?"
52 posts
: "Post Surgery report: "it was everywhere""
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: "I just got my Period right before my 12 hour flight"
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: "How to convince GYN to do Laparoscopy?"
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: "Bleeding lesion in the nose, I feel like I’m going crazy"
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: "What I’m most afraid of is being told nothings wrong (first Lap)"
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: "What are some monthly Symptoms you have but aren’t talked about as much?"
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: "Endo Treatment besides birth control"
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Pain & Anger
: "Please tell me yall are extremely fatigued too."
74 posts
Advice Requests
: "What do you all do for a living while living with endometriosis?"
17 posts
Solution Requests
: "Is there any way to treat the extreme fatigue caused by endometriosis?"
5 posts

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