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New Release
: "After many years, v1.0 of 4K80 was released today (Empire Strikes Back)"
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Work in Progress
: "Introducing a new project: The Return of Godzilla 1984 (2024 Regrade) + Other projects (see comment below)"
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Fanedit Request
: "Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom - fan edit"
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: "Further Insight into the Future of The Fanedit Network"
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Wishlist & Ideas
: "I Saw The Devil"
15 posts
: "If you don't play video games, you've probably never experienced Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. But now you can! For the first time ever, you can enjoy this classic Indiana Jones adventure as a feature-length film! Cinematically edited with a 2:39:1 aspect ratio just like the movies!!!"
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Updated Release
: "Conan and Red Sonja (a Red Sonja fanedit) with Conan the Destroyer: Requiem"
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: "Dial of Destiny Deepfake Voice Fix for Prologue - Anyone want to do the whole sequence?"
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: "Bleach: Project Hogyoku - A fan edit of the original Bleach anime"
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Fanedit Help
: "Deadpool 2 - The Uber F***ing Super Duper Cut [AUDIO HELP NEEDED]"
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