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: "Pilot Who Disrupted Flight Said He Had Taken Psychedelic Mushrooms, Complaint Says"
66 posts
: "Pilot Who Disrupted Flight Said He Had Taken Psychedelic Mushrooms, Complaint Says"
59 posts
: "My son is 16 and wants to be a career pilot, after researching this subreddit I'm thinking this is impossible because he is in therapy and taking SSRIS... am I wrong or is this a no go for him?"
30 posts
: "Pro Aviation Weirdness?"
28 posts
: "Frontier Airlines Plans To Transform Business, Be More Like Ryanair"
11 posts
: "Centennial and Denver Metro Airport Noise Updates. This is not good."
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: "Just had a high speed rejected take off with Emergency crews out to the runway...wtf happened"
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: "First Solo Flight!"
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Flight School
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Advice Requests
: "What are the dumbest ways to get to 1,500 hours?"
12 posts
Pain & Anger
: "Friend died in a plane crash and I am having a hard time getting over it"
10 posts
Solution Requests
: "Anyone flying into Vegas for Formula One?"
4 posts
Money Talk
: "Venting about ridiculous price markups in the aviation industry."
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