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To discuss mostly Google Workspace (G Suite) administration related topics, but also from the end user perspective.

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Google Workspace
: "Google Workspace Launches Monitor Mode for CAA Policies"
80 posts
: "Google Chat / Spaces as a Slack Alternative"
73 posts
: "Create 20 personal Emails"
63 posts
: "Using Amazon SES for GW outbound SMTP to work around SPF alignment issue on aliased Domains?"
40 posts
: "Do any Business Starter customers have shared Drive functionality yet?"
29 posts
: "Google Workspace Admin training"
29 posts
: "It took me 6 rounds of edits and 27 days to get my Gmail add-on approved by Google Workspace Marketplace"
26 posts
Google Drive
: "Loading Google Drive before desktop and font support"
26 posts
: "Google Calendar doesn't notify of moved event dates"
15 posts
: "Is there a way to get Google Workspace plan with more than 2TB of Storage or even unlimited Storage?"
8 posts

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Pain & Anger
: "I get this when using the "Get Help" functionality, at the top right of the Admin console. Anyone else is getting it or is it just me? Trying to contact google support through other means hasn't helped..."
42 posts
Solution Requests
: "List of senders that fail SPF, DKIM, and/or DMARC?"
41 posts
Advice Requests
: "How to remove rooms from events in Google Calendar"
33 posts
Money Talk
: "How do Google partners make money?"
4 posts
: "Is it possible to automatically append a footer with user's name and surname?"
2 posts
: "gamadv - Copy google doc from one user to another, including version history"
2 posts
: "Google Workspace Launches Monitor Mode for CAA Policies"
1 post

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