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This subreddit is temporarily private as part of a joint protest to Reddit's recent API changes, which breaks third-party apps and moderation tools, effectively forcing users to use the official Reddit app. This is an OFFICIAL community dedicated to the worldbuilding, stories, fanfiction, media, and characters of Riot IPs set in Runeterra! Such as League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, and Riot Forge titles like Ruined King. Endorsed by r/leagueoflegends and r/legendsofruneterra.

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Fan Content
: "Hwei's Biography"
9 posts
: "It is kinda weird that for a company so often accused of being "weeb" in visual design, Riot is unwilling to write theme/narrative/style often explored in manga/anime."
5 posts
: "Sol Runes: So what if Aurelion could make world runes? Why to sow discord & destruction among runeterra man Ryze is gonna be more stressed out! But as for how Sol gets them past the aspects..."
4 posts
: "Did Aspects mess up by tricking Aurelion Sol into wearing a crown."
3 posts
: "Smolder's Mom Concept Art"
3 posts
: "If we take Riot's recent announcement at face value, it can be interpreted as an admission that their efforts to capitalize on the Runeterra IP has been underwhelming. If we approach it from that angle, do you think Riot could have done better?"
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Official Content
: "Smolder's biography has been released."
1 post
: "TRS: Return Chapter 11: Depths Beneath II"
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