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A safe space for ‘just practicing’ videos. Feel free to post your imperfect piano videos without fear of judgment. **Zero** tolerance for unsolicited advice OR criticism. Your first "unsolicited advice" comment will grant you comment removal, the next one a ban...unless the OP specifically asks for advice or uses the dedicated flair for this. If you want to give free piano lessons, go to r/piano for that instead. Otherwise, enjoy :)

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not too mad at how this sounds
: "Kuhlau Sonatina in C (Op 20), 1st movement - by me, a noob"
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just started learning this 🤓
: "Today I spent 4h learning rachmaninoff from scratch. Makes me really wish for a grand piano."
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Please offer advice (but be kind!)
: "Getting back to the piano after 25 years....I guess I'm a little rusty. I hope you like it."
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halfway through learning this
: "Took a few days off work to practice for an upcoming concert. Fun way to do a staycation!"
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arghhhhhh 😡😤😫
: "Directed by Robert Wiede, 25%"
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I have no idea what is going on😵‍💫
: "New flair!"
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just need supportive audience 🤭
: "Les collines d'Anacapri, such a fun Debussy prelude"
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bad piano day
: "Sight-reading Lady Iveach by Thomas Connallon"
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