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A place for all things Ragdolls! 😻 Post photos, ask questions and enjoy scrolling through all the floof! ✨

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Baby Floof
: "Are they waiting for me to return from work, or silently judging everyone outside?"
103 posts
General Advice
: "Tear Stain Advice"
20 posts
Mega Floof
: "Anyone else’s ragdoll look like they came from the depths of a dumpster no matter what you do?"
17 posts
Chonky Floof
: "Hi my name is Benjamin but you can call me Benji"
15 posts
Happy Floof
: "Our baby grew up so fast😱"
12 posts
Sleepy Floof
: "Post your kittens sleeping in odd positions 😻"
10 posts
Name My Floof
: "Little girl just arrived home!"
9 posts
Silly Floof
: "Anyone else’s ragdolls LOVE jumping in bags? 😂"
6 posts
Mink Raggie (Non-Traditional)
: "proper little lady!"
3 posts
Rescue Raggie
: "Picking him up Sunday!"
2 posts

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