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This community is for Reiki related information to help further develop our practice whilst helping others in need. Keep it in the spirit of Reiki - remember the Precepts! We are ambassadors for Reiki and what it is and is not. Please make sure to take a look at the sub rules to ensure a great user experience. We welcome your participation and aim to build a solid community for all here. Let the Reiki shine!

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curious question
: "Ho’oponopono"
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Reiki request
: "My sweet boy, Charlie, is going in to have surgery to remove 2 tumors today. If anyone out there would be willing to send some energy to him today, I would be eternally grateful."
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: "Heads up about scammers offering psychic readings with a link to a list of reviews."
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Reiki experiences
: "Was burning some intentions last night and woke up to this outside my balcony. Thought it was pretty cool!"
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Reiki share / trade
: "Free 24 Hours Reiki Healing and Request Box"
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