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Welcome to ShitCoinMoonShots! --- This is a place for discussing low market cap defi crypto projects. All types of projects are welcome, whether that be a shit coin or a genuine project with potential. --- However this is a place for discussion and NOT SPAMMING so please read all rules before participating. --- Disclaimer: ALWAYS do your own research before investing, lots of comments and upvotes usually means botting and not hype. We try our best to combat this.

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SPL (Solana) Token
: "Just The Tip! $TIPS Meme $Solana launched this week. Listed on CoinGeko. Paid for fast track CMC. On Jupiter and Raydium. Don't just stand there with you $COQ in your hand financial freedom is edging ever so close. "
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Other Token
: "$ROSA a new gem on BASE chain, made by Testarosa Club | Solid Marketing Team | Unique Narrative | Distinguish Community"
56 posts
ERC-20 Token
: "$REP - Uniting for America's Future: How Every Transaction Fuels Change"
29 posts
: "BabyPikachu | The brainchild and cherished passion of JohnSon | Wl presale Filled in less than 12Min | Launching Tomorrow at 2Pm Utc"
23 posts
BEP-20 Token
: "Introducing $EGGY, join presale can be close anytime"
12 posts
: "$TIPS! keep fading.. Another quality YouTuber vid dropped just now🔥 2.5m MC check us out 🤦 It's NEVER EVER been this easy to make money in Crypto! The big 3 Memes- CULO, BigRed & JustTheTip🍆"
8 posts
: "Be carefull out there!"
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