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I’m an ambivert, so honestly I just feel like I’m all of the types sometimes, y’know?

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Serious shitty post found online
: "Using the main MBTI sub is basically torture right now, what the fuck is this?"
4 posts
Notably Fecal Shitpost of the Finest Quality
: "I though my daughter was a girl but today she typed as ESTJ"
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iNtuitive bad (fake news)
: "for everyone who says intuitives = smart and sensors = dumb"
2 posts
Out-of-character (serious/off-topic post)
: "So not my type is trash"
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Deep INFx empathy
: "Help, how do I escape this bottomless void that we call as "INFP"?"
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Most thoughtful question about typology
: "what the sigma"
1 post
Thinkerz are robots!!1!
: "Using MBTI to justify being an asshole, how original "
1 post
You're mistyped (based on your comment)
: "I though I was ENFP but I have ADHD"
1 post
Sensors are stoopid!!1
: "Short story"
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