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An international community for socialists, to discuss current events in our world from our anti-capitalist perspective(s). Certain knowledge of socialism is expected from participants. This is not a space for non-socialists. Please be mindful of our rules before participating, as they are actively enforced. New to socialism? Please visit r/Socialism_101 prior to participating here.

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: "Comrade Cai Fenghui, a cleaner, and one of the 2378 elected delegates to the 20th CPC National Congress."
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: "That time the Supreme Court decided that Social Security can be revoked if you're a communist"
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: "BREAKING: Malaysia calls for UN VETO power to be abolished. "
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: "Pro-Israel lobbyists are pushing the TikTok ban"
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: "Individual apart of Palestine Action sprays and slashes Historic Balfour Painting at Trinity College, Cambridge, Highlighting British Complicity in Palestinian Displacement"
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: "From Adolf to Benyamin: A Meme on Serious Matters."
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Radical History
: "Swedish PM Palme compares Vietnam war bombings to Nazi war crimes - Henry Kissinger upset"
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Political Economy
: "Florence, Italy"
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Political Theory
: "Kwame Ture: Marx didn't 'invent' laws of socialism"
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: ""Women of the World Unite", International Women's Day in Manila, Philippines"
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