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This is a subreddit for finding the name of a game that you can't remember. Read the rules, post your description, and hopefully someone will be able to identify it. Be sure to help out if you think you may have an answer to someone else's post!

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Citizen Sleeper
: "[PC][2018-2024] A RPG where you’re on a spaceship and have to save it."
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Last Half of Darkness
: "[Amstrad Computer][80's/90's] Mansion Horror Game"
1 post
Revenge of the Sunfish
: "[Console?][1990s/2000s?] Game that switches premise every five seconds?"
1 post
Broken Age
: "[Unknown] [unknown] About a boy who lives in a "spaceship""
1 post
Golden Axe
: "[PC][1996-2002] 2d game, co op mode, 3 possible heroes, but what was it?"
1 post
: "[Unknown] [Unknown] Looking for a game with a specific ending."
1 post
Robosaurs versus the Space Bastards
: "[PC] [1997 - ?] Game demo was on a disk from a UK pc magazine, sidescroller shooter Vs robots. One of the voice quotes is "You were only supposed to blow his bloody arms off""
1 post
Suikoden Tierkreis
: "[Ps2 I think][2000s] RPG that I used to watch on YouTube as a kid"
1 post
Discover My Body
: "[PC][Unknown] A game where a scientist changes into an all knowing mass of flesh"
1 post
: "[PC][2000’s] One of my 1st Games"
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