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A place for transgender and genderqueer people in the UK.

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Top 10 / 19 post flair
: "What would be the most trans-friendly city in the UK? (including Scotland and Wales)"
36 posts
Possible trigger
: "Mum of trans teen reveals his organs helped four donors following tragic suicide"
13 posts
: "My doctor won’t listen to me"
8 posts
Good News
: "Sandi Toksvig slams anti-trans bigots ‘claiming to be radical feminists’"
7 posts
: "“I don't want to choose whether I'm a man or woman on my ID - I'm neither” | Taking the government to court to secure legal recognition of non-binary identity"
6 posts
Trigger - Transphobia
: "UK one of the worst places to be trans, with ‘widespread’ hatred, new data shows"
5 posts
Bad News
: "Jeez, trans woman prisoner who did her own orchiectomy is now denied estrogen, they'll only give her testosterone"
4 posts
Trans Health
: "Question from a cis doctor"
3 posts
: "October 2023 updated list of active trans related care NHS surgeons."
2 posts
Gender Recognition Certificate
: "A visual representation of how abysmal the GRC process is..."
2 posts

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