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A place to discuss retinoids including tretinoin / retin-a, adapalene, differin, tazarotene, and trifarotene (NOT retiNOLs or Accutane). Stay moisturized!!

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: "Tretinoin 0.5% May/November"
244 posts
: "Idk who needs to hear this (me 🙋🏼‍♀️), but tret will never work if you don’t start with a healthy Skin barrier"
106 posts
: "Low strength (0.01) tret for aging and occasional Acne. (Also help, my chin is still peeling!)"
50 posts
: "Dry, flakey and sad? I have been using tretinoin for over 7 years off and on and this… is THE Routine (for me) more in comments."
26 posts
: "Tretinoin to Tazarotene"
24 posts
: "Can’t post my picture on there, but this thing is unreal. 3 months on this, I never thought my skin could get so smooth, radiant and pimples free, no Purge neither. I can’t wait to get on Tazarotene"
20 posts
: "Progress - about 1.5 years in"
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Routine Help
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: "Results after about 7 months"
16 posts
16 posts

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Advice Requests
: "How did you get a dermatologist to prescribe you tret for anti aging purposes solely?"
23 posts
Pain & Anger
: "to anyone struggling with their skin"
16 posts
Solution Requests
: "skin tint/bb creams/concealer recs on tret?"
8 posts
Money Talk
: "The woman who does my facials tried to sell me tret for this much when I get a tube for £7 quid ..."
3 posts

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