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Reddit's community about trumpet, and all related instruments: Cornet, Flugelhorn, Bugle, Etc.

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Question ❓
: "What are these little black things in my case?"
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Equipment βš™οΈ
: "Flipping pages with a button on digital sheet music"
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Media 🎬🎡
: "What is y’all’s opinion on Louis Armstrong"
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Performance 🎀
: "Been doing recordings to keep my chops in shape between gigs and decided to finally post here"
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Picture of 🎺
: "Trumpet photoshoot by the sea!"
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: "πŸ¦€ the band room smells of crab"
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was a scam:snoo_biblethump:
: "I found a Bach 37 for 95$ no chance it's genuine, right?"
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OP Abandoned Post
: "Disappointing"
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Mod Post
: "We Have 42,000 Subscribers!"
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: "How do I learn the trumpet if teachers are not available in my area"
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