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Share volunteering experiences or attempts to volunteer (unpaid work for a cause). Share opportunities for others. Ask questions or for advice on recruiting, engaging & supporting volunteers, or about policies or safety for vols & those they serve. Discuss volunteerism ethics. Share a paid or unpaid role for a manager of vols, or a resource for such. See the READ FIRST post at the top of the subreddit & the rules & before you post. This is a highly moderated subreddit.

Popular Topics in r/volunteer

Top 8 / 8 post flair
: "How can I volunteer work sustainably?"
18 posts
I Want To Volunteer
: "Opportunities to Volunteer as Software Dev"
15 posts
Opportunity to volunteer
: "Warming centers need volunteers - how to find opportunities"
8 posts
: "It's time to rethink volunteer retention — again!"
5 posts
Opportunity to volunteer outdoors
: "Capitol Reef National Park recruiting volunteer campground hosts for 2024 season"
5 posts
Opportunity to volunteer online
: "For highly-skilled volunteers with deep experience in business functions: Bankers without Borders"
4 posts
Story / testimonial
: "Acorn by acorn, volunteers gather seeds to help save forests"
3 posts
yet another survey request of volunteers
: "Survey and study for volunteers"
2 posts

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