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r/Wacom, The Unofficial Official Wacom Support. A place to get help with Wacom Tablets and Cintiqs, or share art and news!

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Top 8 / 8 post flair
: "My tablet just stopped working"
86 posts
: "How normal is for your tablet to be scratched?"
55 posts
Purchase Advice
: "Is my Intuos pro S too small to draw ?"
39 posts
: "Mac driver 6.4.4-5: We have a winner"
7 posts
: "Well it was a good run, I Guess"
5 posts
For Sale
: "Cintiq 16 in Stockholm"
4 posts
Review / Unboxing
: "Endgame Upgrade [24 Pro]"
3 posts
News / PSA
: "RIP to all the artists and OSU players that still use Windows 7 and 8"
1 post

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