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Sub for companies or individuals looking for skilled professional writers, willing to pay at least .8/word, and more experienced and educated writers to advertise their services, as long as it's at least .8/word asking. Not for homework/essays/etc. – professional writing only.

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Hire Me
: "[Hire Me] Online Writing & Storytelling Tutor"
82 posts
For Hire
: "[For Hire] I will do your Java homework/exams/programs. Respond 24/7, ready for urgent requests, Java help, Java homework help Reddit, Java assignment help, Java exam help, Java tutor"
54 posts
: "[HIRE ME] Online Writing & Storytelling Tutor"
23 posts
: "(I have no money, but...) I need help Writing my book."
21 posts
Academic Writing
: "[For Hire] Have your Academic Writing needs taken care of remarkably by a top tutor. Hire me for your online classes, dissertations, research papers, blog entries, admission essays, Lab reports, exams and quizzes."
18 posts
Online Classes
: "(HIRE ME) GET MATH HOMEWORK & Online Classes HELP- Stats, Calculus, Probability, Logic e.t.c"
15 posts
Math Homework
: "(HIRE ME) GET Math Homework & ONLINE CLASSES HELP- Stats, Calculus, Probability, Logic e.t.c"
11 posts
: "[HIRE ME] For Help With Math, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Academic Writing"
10 posts
: "[For Hire] MATH HELP, HW, Exam, Quizzes, Tests, Homework, Online Class, Statistics, Algebra, Calculus. Email: dmucooke@gmail.com, Discord: editordon#6027, dm or chat."
9 posts
: "[Hire Me] We offer quality Tutoring and writing services that will get you an A. Kindly discord TutorCarey#3028, email michomawriter@gmail.com or Call/WhatsApp +1 (256) 275-4850."
8 posts

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Money Talk
: "[For Hire]Affordable Expert Academic Writer for hire. I aim to help you perform well in your career and school work by providing excellent services that suit your needs and enhance your score."
7 posts
: "Article Writing Job"
4 posts
Advice Requests
3 posts
Solution Requests
: "Offering routine organization services"
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