How to track keywords on Reddit

by Fed
Published 2022-07-07, updated 2022-10-19

Tracking keywords on Reddit

In this product demo we show how to do social listening on Reddit within your target audience. This is useful for discovering sales opportunities, tracking competitors, and finding people to talk to in order to validate your business idea.

GummySearch allows you to track keywords across all Reddit submissions or comments, and also within your targeted Subreddits. Tracked keywords can be organized with labels, you can enable email digests to get the new conversations straight to your inbox. Additionally, GummySearch shows you how useful each of your tracked keywords are, and if they are providing more noise than signal you can prune them out in favor of more useful searches.

Search parameters available

You can track searches with the following parameters:

  • keyword
  • audience
  • username
  • conversation type (comment/post)
  • include/exclude subreddits
  • include/exclude keywords
  • include/exclude usernames

Notification Settings

By default, when you get new matches for your saved searches, you will get a daily email with the latest conversations. That email will contain your keyword highlighted in the title/body of the post, and a link to view the conversation on GummySearch and reply to it on Reddit.

If you want to be notified of a particular keyword instantly (great for brand monitoring), you can configure that on the tracked keyword drawer, on a per-keyword basis.

You can also configure your notification settings to go to your Slack/Discord. For Slack notifications, you just need the channel-specific email address to send the notificaitons to. For Discord notifications, you need the channel webhook url. Both are quickly found in the settings for the channel.

You can change the frequency with which you receive your digest emails/notifications to be weekly or monthly. Additionally, if you want to keep saved searches in the GummySearch UI, but not get notified of them, you can turn off the digests in your settings as well.

Organizing saved searches

When you get new matches for each of your searches, they will show up in your conversations page. By default, the saved searches that have new matches will show up at the top of the page, organized by effectiveness (see social listening stats below).

If you have a lot of saved searches you're tracking, you might want to organize them in other ways. You can flip the toggle to cluster by audience, keyword, or a label that you assign to the saved search. For example, you can add "Use Cases" or "Competitor Name" as a label to some saved searches to be able to group them together.

Social listening stats

GummySearch keeps track of how frequently you view & click out to the conversations that are surfaced to you via the keyword tracking feature. With this information, we surface some stats available to you so that you can manage your tracked keywords.

  • Frequency: How often your keywords are mentioned on Reddit
  • Performance: How often you view/click conversations that match your search criteria
  • Efficiency: Performance / Frequency (essentially the signal to noise ratio)

You can view the stats by pressing the "Stats" toggle on the conversations page. It's recommended to track many keywords, and prune ones that are too noisy every couple of weeks!

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