Advanced search for Reddit

by Fed
Published 2022-07-07, updated 2022-10-19

Search Reddit with advanced parameters and filters

In this product demo we explore the advanced search feature which allows you to search any keyword within any post or comment on Reddit.

You can search all of Reddit, or search within a specific community or set of communities. The advanced search feature allows you to sort or limit by timeframe, as well as exclude keywords or users.

You may fetch up to 100 conversations (500 on the paid plan) and visualize them in the aggregate view. These visualizations are also filters, and you may cut down the conversations to look at in an intuitive UI and find just what you are looking for on Reddit.

Advanced search for Reddit

The advanced search feature supports boolean search operators (OR/AND/NOT) and title query such as the below:

  • gummysearch
  • gummysearch AND foliofed
  • gummysearch OR foliofed
  • gummysearch AND "audience research"
  • (foliofed OR research) AND gummysearch
  • (foliofed OR "audience research") AND gummysearch
  • gummysearch AND NOT reddit
  • title:reddit
  • title:"Reddit Marketing"

Query Filters

Besides the keyword (or boolean search query) that is entered, you can press the "Filter" button to hone in on the results you're looking for:

  • Search type (Submission/Comment)
  • Sort (Top/New/Hot)
  • Limit (100 is default, can go up to 500 for Pro users)
  • Timeframe (All/Year/Month/Week/Day/Hour)
  • Audience
  • Include/exclude Subreddit(s)
  • Include/exclude username(s)
  • Exclude keywords (useful for removing your own contributions)
  • Before date (useful for "going back in time")
  • Data source

Reddit data sources

GummySearch uses a few data sources to surface Reddit conversations. You can pick which one is used.

  • Pushshift (default): Cached results. Supports submissions + comments. Exact keyword match.
  • Reddit: Realtime results. Fuzzy search. Better for "top" sorting. Submissions only.

Result Charts & Filters

On the right side of the Advanced Reddit Search page, you'll see some visualizations of your results. Each of the visualizations are filters, try pressing them to see the results on the left side of the screen be filtered down to match what you're looking for.

  • Quick filters (Not Removed, No Duplicates, Text Posts Only, Not Viewed Yet)
  • Subreddit filter
  • Number of upvotes
  • Number of comments
  • Suggested categories (some of the categories described in the customer discovery page)
  • Flair on Reddit posts
  • Conversation Status (Live, Removed, Deleted)
  • Timeline

Next steps

After you query & filter down results to just what you need, you can:

  • Expand conversations to read them, or reply in the comments
  • Bookmark conversations for easy access
  • Track the keyword to be notified of new conversations that meet this criteria
  • Press the checkbox on each conversation and download a CSV of results

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