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Popular Topics in r/BALLET

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Technique Question
: "Dancing without pointe"
17 posts
Beginner Question
: "Excited for my first ballet class"
13 posts
Dance wear
: "Spotted some really shiny pointe shoes at MetOpera!"
11 posts
Starting Pointe Question
: "first pair of pointe shoes!"
9 posts
Watching Ballet
: "can someone please explain ballet flower culture to me?"
7 posts
: "I landed my first double :)"
6 posts
Constructive Criticism
: "First pair of pointe shoes !🥳"
3 posts
Dancewear Monday (No criticism)
: "dancewear monday!"
2 posts
new and returning to ballet sticky
: "Am I too ... to do ballet?"
2 posts
No Criticism
: "Waiting for Results is the worst"
1 post

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