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Don't try this at home :snoo_facepalm:
: "Idk if it’s the bpd or the autism or the yeah"
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:snoo_hearteyes:FP FP FP FP FP:snoo_hearteyes:
: "the bare minimum"
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:snoo_tableflip: Vent Meme
: "heh"
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:pupper:W H O L E S O M E BPD:pupper:
: "My Pokémon"
7 posts
CW: Suicide
: "This showed up on my Facebook stories. My brain sees what it sees, not my fault. "
5 posts
CW: Self Harm
: "i forgot i made this meme, so real."
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:table: Therapy :snoo_biblethump:
: "It's my coping mechanism 👺"
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content warning
: "it did work, I feel ashamed"
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CW: Drug Use :cake:
: "when i get too stoned and become way too self aware of my bpd self 😭"
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CW: Stigma
: "Catfished at local bookstore "
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