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r/BPD is a community of people with BPD (EUPD) and people who know someone with BPD looking for mutual support and resources to help guide them through their journey.

Popular Topics in r/BPD

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: "Don't tell your managers you have Bpd"
104 posts
: "How do you go on dates and take things slow and make men work for you when you just WANT TO GET FUCKED."
23 posts
Self Esteem
: "BPD is never knowing if you’re right or wrong."
10 posts
Mental Health
: "What medication have you found most successful for your BPD?"
9 posts
8 posts
: "What is it like for you to have a Fp?"
8 posts
: "Hello stranger! I know you've been struggling today, but you're doing a hell of a job. You got this!"
7 posts
6 posts
5 posts
Suicidal Thoughts
: "it’s not normal to be thinking of s**cid*"
5 posts

Popular Themes in r/BPD

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Pain & Anger
: "Being a man with BPD is hell"
9 posts
Advice Requests
: "What to do when you feel super ugly"
7 posts
Solution Requests
: "What medication have you found most successful for your BPD?"
1 post

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