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: "My daughter has just come home from School and told me about a great new break time game the class was playing it’s called ‘British Bulldog’"
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: "Just got home from work and have seen my gf Car has been hit and run in our block of flats Car park during the day, what options do I have?"
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: "I have a bar of Soap that I exclusively use on my balls. TIL that my girlfriend has been using it on her face."
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: "At least there’s Parking"
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: "My Mum is a retired primary school teacher - just found this absolute reprobate hiding in her spare bedroom!"
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: "We are now existing in the £20 Sunday Roast era. These 3 were all posted in UK_Food yesterday, costing £19-£20. Which one are you going for? (Going hungry is not an option and yes, we know you could do better at home)"
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: "While people say Halloween is an American tradition, I asked AI to draw some ghosts in some typical British scenarios…"
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Five Guys
: "Just had my first Five Guys. Why so many fries?!"
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Late Thread
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Money Talk
: "How can so many younger people afford expensive cars?"
14 posts
Pain & Anger
: "Bought a trolley coin in Poundland and it doesn’t fit"
9 posts
Advice Requests
: "How do I get people to stop shitting on my house?"
4 posts
Solution Requests
: "The generic "regards" in email signatures - New suggestions please!"
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