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There are no dumb questions, except the ones asking for medical advice which is prohibited. Read the rules and the FAQ first.

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: "I took in a Cat while I was drunk"
119 posts
: "Somewhat new to Cats, did I make the correct call on refusing to allow a family member to bring their cat over for Thanksgiving?"
24 posts
: "My parents are hellbent at making my Kitten into an outdoor-indoor cat even though he is handraised from very young."
16 posts
: "The Top 10 things cat Behaviorists wish you knew."
9 posts
: "Should I warn others about a popular cat Food that made my cat very sick?"
7 posts
Cat Care
: "Do cats grieve?"
6 posts
: "My cat doesn’t trust my partner Feeding her?"
6 posts
6 posts
: "Does Your Cat Sleep With You?"
4 posts
: "First time cat owner, planning on Adopting a cat in the next few months. What are some things to know/get before I adopt?"
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Pain & Anger
: "UPDATE: my cat has been missing for over a week"
38 posts
Advice Requests
: "I just found out that I've been severely under feeding my obese cat. How do I fix his metabolism?"
26 posts
Solution Requests
: "What candles from bath n body is cat friendly?"
6 posts
Money Talk
: "Vet said weruva cat food is overpriced and not a good cat food. Is this true?"
1 post

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