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News, events and discussions from the suburbs of Chicago, including Cook, Lake, DuPage, Grundy, McHenry, Will, DeKalb, Kane, Kendall, Kankakee, Bureau, LaSalle, and Putnam counties in Illinois. Jasper, Lake, Newton, Porter, and LaPorte Counties in Indiana. Kenosha County in Wisconsin.

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: "Your favorite pizza joint in the suburbs?"
38 posts
: "Highland Park Shooter's dad wore this to court."
13 posts
: "This is going to make me sound like a old vanilla person, but where are the best salad bars in the western suburbs?"
10 posts
: "Chicago Wolves. Quintessential ChiSuburbs?"
8 posts
: "Seriously?.."
3 posts
: "The forest preserves aren't off-leash dog parks"
2 posts
Crime Alert
: "McHenry Police Defend Registered Child Sexual Predator Neo-Nazi From Out of Town Complaining That People Were Taking Pictures of Him Stalking, Harassing, and Recording Videos From Their Home"
2 posts
Missing/Found Pet
: "Long shot: anyone want a Rooster?"
1 post

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