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: "How can I Fix this wall? My toddler hit it with his power wheel."
12 posts
: "Huge basement Wall crack!"
6 posts
Diy Project
: "DIY Beetlejuice Sandworm HEAD Build 2023 (Material list in description)"
5 posts
: "Brown drips in Bathroom?"
3 posts
3 posts
Door Repair
2 posts
: "No Kitchen for a month 🤨"
2 posts
Bathroom Vanity
2 posts
: "Wanted a little more Privacy on the front porch, so put up a fence."
2 posts
Paint Removal
2 posts

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Advice Requests
: "How do I make this hood venting look better?"
14 posts
Solution Requests
: "Is there a way to reinforce these guitar racks? Or do I need to move them to a different wall?"
9 posts
Pain & Anger
: "How do I keep this handprint from coming through paint? Sanding, dawn dish soap and 2 coats of kilz primer and 2 top coats later and still nothing!"
6 posts
Money Talk
: "Would have cost me more than 5c a piece to drive all the way into town and back for washers 🤷"
1 post

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