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: ""When Borat came to town" vel "Carmen meets Borat" (2008) - Documentary about the making of the comedy "Borat", from the perspective of the people in the small village of Glod, who welcomed actor Cohen's crew after being told that they came to film a US Documentary about Glod's poverty [00:58:42]"
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: "What Happened to Agbogbloshie? (2023) -A Short Documentary on an E-Waste Scrapyard (CC) [00:13:14]"
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: "Big Batches Season 2 (2023) | How The World’s Biggest Batches Of Food Are Made [02:41:23]"
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: "Born in Gaza (2010) [00:22:19]"
12 posts
: "South Africa's Slow, Inevitable March ToWards Collapse (2023) [00:23:05]"
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: "Everyday Israelis Express Support for Genocide to Abby Martin (2018) [00:23:13]"
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: "Palestine Is Still the Issue (2002) - Pilger returns to the Occupied Territories of the West Bank and Gaza where he filmed a documentary with the same title in 1974. He believes the basic problems are unchanged: a desperate, destitute people whose homeland is illegally occupied. [00:52:50]"
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: "The Trials Of Henry Kissinger (2002) - Focuses on Christopher Hitchens' charges against Henry Kissinger as a war criminal - allegations documented in Hitchens' book of the same title - based on his role in countries such as Cambodia, Chile, and Indonesia. [01:19:41]"
7 posts
Israeli Palestinian Conflict
: "Stone Cold Justice: Israel’s torture of Palestinian children (2014) - A film which sparked an international outcry against Israel after it explicitly detailed Tel Aviv's use of torture against Palestinian children forced into false confessions [00:45:30]"
4 posts
: "Living in the Time of Dying (2020) [00:53:31]"
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