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A place for English teachers to share ideas and lessons and to brainstorm and collaborate on all things related to English Language Arts.

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9-12 ELA
: ""Keeping score" while reading as a class..."
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6-8 ELA
: "Looking for short stories that deal with cell phone addiction, over reliance on technology, AI, or social media problems."
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Career & Interview Related
: "Moving from MS to HS, Need Some Encouragement"
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Books and Resources
: "Storage Room full of Books we Don't Use"
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: "What is this Literary Device?"
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Self-Promotion Friday
: "A Good Man is Hard to Find with Commentary"
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Educational Research
: "Thoughts about reporting child maltreatment? Participate in a brief survey to help us better understand teachers' reporting behaviours for child maltreatment"
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: "Feeling Like Lady Capulet (repost): We are done with state testing; I have everything graded; I have given directions for the final project; they should be working on projects..."
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Professional Development
: "ELA Professional Development"
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Monday Motivation
: "Monday Motivation"
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