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: "Witness Me! Gme thank you RCEO"
52 posts
: "Gamestop has launched a digital store where you can download games!"
17 posts
: "MOONDAY!!! Drs!!!"
15 posts
: "HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Just put out DD about Citadel Securities actually being owned by CSHC US LLC. Guess who is the Managing LOU for them... FUCKING BLOOMBERG FINANCE... Kenny was just in Singapore at a Bloomberg Forum that included the UBS President... If you don't know UBS bought Credit Suisse..."
13 posts
: "Several dealers colluding to short $VIX through $SVIX for spiking $SPY to monetize huge ODTE Calls into the close. The perfect crime. Connects to Geode Capital. Which connects to Gme."
11 posts
Ken Griffin
: "Ken Griffin"
9 posts
: "Where Is Former Citadel Employee Brett Harrison In This SBF Trial? - Said On Record GME Tokens Were Backed 1:1 By Real Stock.... Oh That's Right You Bailed On FTX Shortly Before The Collapse And Started Your Own Crypto Venture Funded By Coinbase, Scaramucci & Others...."
6 posts
: "Lets Give It Up For The Politicians Who Profit From War That Taxpayers Fund - Real American Patriots! - I Thought Patrick McHenry Was Going To Be House Speaker - You Know The Guy That Has Donations From Kenny & Vlad Plus Called GameStop Report A Conspiracy - Hold or Hodl? - I Just Like The Stock!"
5 posts
: "When Doug Cifu Tweets About Gary Gensler Being Anti Free Market While Virtu Is Second In Weekly OTC Trades Of GameStop After Citadel - OTC Is Internalized Retail Trades Which Consists Of PFOF. Citadel Pays The Most To Brokers For PFOF Followed By Susquehanna & Virtu. Big Club, AI Or Both?"
5 posts
: "In Honor Of SBF Trial Today. Where Are The Shares Brett?"
5 posts

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Money Talk
: "We're currently trading at February 2021 levels ...and my issue is that I don't have cash to buy more."
7 posts
Pain & Anger
: "We missed an RCEO like yesterday! 😅"
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Advice Requests
: "If I could only figure out which hedge fund funnels money to media companies 🤔"
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