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A place to share $GME and other meme stock insanity. Poke fun at the flat-earthers and sov-cits of investing for believing in fairly tales and conspiracies rather than learning how the stock market actually works. Disagree ? Mods are now taking bets. Please read the sub rules. This sub is not for financial discussion. It is for memes and casual discussion of GameStop (GME), Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY), AMC and other meme stocks, and their associated cult(ure)s. Sister subs: /r/GME_Meltdown_DD

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: "The state of BBBY apes rn"
15 posts
Uber driver and financial advisor
: "Meltception"
9 posts
Pul-Pot in the shilling fields
: "Lmfao"
8 posts
: "Apparently it’s illegal to repost public tweets on Reddit"
8 posts
: "This is interesting"
6 posts
Arson and Latex Penises, the adventures of PPGrift & Pulte
: "The Peacekeeper"
6 posts
Ape Wars! 🦧 πŸ”ͺ πŸ—‘οΈ πŸ’
: "Is everyone else enjoying this week as much as I am?"
5 posts
Pulte the pill popping pyromaniac
: "Pulte goes mask-off about his intentions with the BBBY crowd at today's NYC meetup"
5 posts
Drank The Koolaid
: "After SBF's guilty verdict today, let's travel back to September 2022, when FTX partnered with Gamestop. The 'greatest financial wizards of our generation' (apes) unanimously celebrated such a move. All comments are from September 7th through September 15th, 2022."
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Loss porn
: "ATTENTION. We are aware a prominent memestock subreddit has been banned. Please contain any discussion of this event to this megathread."
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