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Welcome to the subreddit for all things Galaxy Tab. Centered around all things Galaxy Tab S, Tab A, Tab E, Tab Active and Galaxy View! For all things related to the Galaxy Book, please visit r/GalaxyBook.

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Solution Requests
: "Which case you guys use?"
35 posts
Pain & Anger
: "Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra apparently facing development issues with SoC"
33 posts
Money Talk
: "Found a used s8+ with pen for $220 at a garage sale, barely any scratches in the back!"
22 posts
Advice Requests
: "Reasons why a Galaxy Tab is better than an iPad?"
19 posts
: "Samsung confirms Galaxy AI (One UI 6.1) for Galaxy S22 series, Z Fold4, Z Flip4, and the Galaxy Tab S8 series"
4 posts

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: "My ecosystem so far (just got Tab s9 today)"
23 posts

Galaxy Tab

: "Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra 14.6 vs. iPad Pro M4 13.0, Which is the best device for reading pdf files? My goal is to read pdf of magazines, newspapers, textbooks and manga. I want a device with a big screen so I don't have to constantly zoom in and out and can flip pages really fast. Your opinion?"
19 posts


: "Galaxy S9 OR Apple iPad Air ?"
16 posts

Tab S9

: "Sold Ipad Pro, bought Tab S9"
15 posts


: "Why do you prefer a Galaxy Tablet over a Windows Tablet? "
14 posts


: "My ecosystem so far (just got tab S9 today)"
11 posts


: "iPad Pro will now spot OLED screens with a peak brightness of 1600 nits. Samsung, what is your answer to that?"
11 posts


: "I got a S9 ultra and it came with a strange Keyboard. I can't seem to set languages to match its layout. Anyone know what language this Keyboard is? I think it's Spanish but how do activate the @ symbol? If I hold shift and Q it just gives me a capital Q. Holding alt, Fn, ctrl + Q does nothing. "
7 posts

S Pen

: "S Pen tip has started to wear down already"
7 posts

S9 Fe

: "Samsung S24 & The Tab S9 Fe"
6 posts

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