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r/GriefSupport is a subreddit with 96k members. Its distinguishing qualities are that the community is large in size, and has crazy activity.
A place to share stories, ask questions or seek advice. Grief affects every person in a different way every time. Whether you are grieving the dead, a relationship, a job, a pet, a place or an era you are welcome here.

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Message Into the Void
: "My mom died. Then my sister took her life. "
33 posts
Child Loss
: "My 8 year old son died suddenly this week, I really don't want to go on anymore"
25 posts
Mom Loss
: "I’m 25, my mom 55. She was the most beautiful kind loving childlike person to ever exist. I couldn’t name one bad thing about her. She was the love of my life. Monday night she died at work driving a semi truck when another semi truck rearended her."
21 posts
Dad Loss
: "I miss you, dad"
19 posts
Vent/Anger - Advice Welcome
: "Why does this make me so angry?"
18 posts
Partner Loss
: "My pregnant wife died 3 days ago"
11 posts
Advice, Pls
: "At what percentage does life eventually go back to normal after losing a parent? "
9 posts
In Memoriam
: "Lost my dad seven months ago and lost my mom on Sunday."
8 posts
Multiple Losses
: "I need a friend. Please. I lost my Mom last month. Dad in 2018."
6 posts
Ambiguous Grief
: "I heard my moms voice for the first time in two years. "
6 posts

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