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A place to share stories, ask questions or seek advice. Grief affects every person in a different way every time. Whether you are grieving the dead, a relationship, a job, a pet, a place or an era you are welcome here.

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Dad Loss
: "I've been waiting for 7 months to get a sign from my dad and today I got my new name badge for work.... that's not even close to my last name but it IS exactly what my dad use to call me when I was little 💓"
29 posts
Message Into the Void
: "This was my mom who passed this day last month."
23 posts
Partner Loss
: "She’s gone, what’s the fucking point?"
19 posts
Mom Loss
: "Cleaned Out My Moms House Today"
16 posts
Advice, Pls
: "My daughter died and I’m lost"
11 posts
: "Just a check in to reach out and say you aren't alone and I'm sorry you hurt."
10 posts
Child Loss
: "My young daughter passed away in my arms"
9 posts
In Memoriam
: "It's been 3 months"
9 posts
Vent/Anger - Advice Welcome
: "My fiancée says grief is grief. I disagree."
9 posts
Does Anyone Else...?
: "Anyone else dreading the holidays?"
9 posts

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