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r/INAT is a subreddit with 52k members. Its distinguishing qualities are that the community is large in size.
A subreddit created to bring together like-minded creatives for the purpose of collaboration, networking, and gaining experience in team-based development.

Popular Topics in r/INAT

Artist Needed
: "Too Many AI Generated Art Scamers It's Insane"
36 posts
Team Needed
: "Experienced UE5 dev looking to build a team (you can even check out the demo for what you'll be working on)"
35 posts
Audio Offer
: "[For hire] Musician looking to get into scoring games"
27 posts
Programmers Needed
: "Unity Developer C# - 4 Years of Experience 2D/3D [10$/H] [FOR HIRE] "
22 posts
Art Offer
: "2D Artist/Animator looking to work in a team"
20 posts
Design Offer
: "[For Hire][Paid] Game/Level designer looking for short and long term projects "
13 posts
Programming Offer
: "[Hobby] Senior Game programmer looking to jam on a hobby project"
11 posts
Designer Needed
: "[Hobby] and [Paid] Looking for Roblox developers specialized in building maps."
8 posts
Modeling Offer
: "[Hobby]Amateur 3D artist looking to help with hobby project"
6 posts
: "[HOBBY] Looking for QUEST DESIGNER for Fantasy Adventure RPG"
5 posts

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