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Scroll through LinkedIn and you will find a mix of rampant virtue signaling, cringeworthy titles, and stories that could come from r/thathappened. This subreddit is for sharing and discussing these LinkedIn characters. **Linkedin is public content, there is no need to hide user names**

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: "Elon can’t even make twitter a replacement for twitter, but he is daddy to Linkedin"
62 posts
: "Sleeping at work shows you are committed to completing a task. Agree?"
25 posts
: "Sleeping at Work shows you are committed to completing a task. Agree?"
18 posts
: "Working after dinner, from a LinkedIn Lunatic on Twitter"
10 posts
: "Land a Job in 30 days Guarantee"
7 posts
6 posts
Kirk Bailey
: "Kirk Bailey"
6 posts
: "I'm done with this Cringe, gonna delete my linkedin account next."
5 posts
: "This guy’s Dating preferences make him a “LinkedIn Leo DiCaprio”"
3 posts
: "Xavierish comments are the solution for Linkedin lunatics, see example below :D"
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Pain & Anger
: "I'm done with this cringe, gonna delete my linkedin account next."
5 posts
Solution Requests
: "Only Recruiters"
3 posts
Advice Requests
: "How do you even measure top 1% people intellectually?"
2 posts
Money Talk
: "For $4k (plus airfare and $579/night hotel), spend 3.5 days with a "life coach" and other people who have a lot of disposable income but need direction in life."
2 posts

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