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A community for fans of the Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams. Whose house? RAMS' HOUSE.

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: "Rams are moving headquarters, practice facility to Woodland Hills in 2024"
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: "Rams will be one Game back of a wild card spot after beating cards and losses by seachickens/vikings"
53 posts
: "From the Seahawks sub. Some of these comments are hilarious"
21 posts
: "Rams agree to terms with Qb Carson Wentz"
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Carson Wentz
: "Carson Wentz’s 1-year deal with the Rams includes a $150,000 signing bonus and the prorated amount of a $1.165M base salary. He’s due $732,500 for the remainder of this season as the Rams’ new back-up QB."
9 posts
: "Stafford is back baby"
7 posts
Los Angeles
: "Los Angeles Rams Weekly Matchup Doodle :)"
7 posts
: "A fact for those that want to feel sad: In the past 365 days, your Los Angeles Rams are 30th in Win%, at .278%. The only teams worse are the Bears and Cardinals with .118%."
7 posts
: "From the Seahawks sub. Some of these comments are hilarious"
7 posts
: "Tough loss. But shouts out to the Packers fans for atleast always being cool hosts for away teams. PS: Don't let Ripien on the plane home..."
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Pain & Anger
: "We miss you king"
5 posts
: "The Rams released QB Dresser Winn, QB Brett Rypien and RB Myles Gaskin."
5 posts
Money Talk
: "$8 Hekker jerseys"
2 posts
Advice Requests
: "Opinions"
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