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r/PsychicServices is a subreddit with 10k members. Its distinguishing qualities are that the community is large in size, and has high activity.
A sub for the purpose of selling, exchanging, and requesting psychic services. This is only for personally delivered services.

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Paid Readings (Verified users only)
: "Readings Available ✨"
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Optional donation
: "Offering 5 free readings! I only ask you leave a review after. 💚✨️"
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: "Free Psychic Readings by me"
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Reading Request
: "How soon might I be able to receive a message from my daughters great grandmother who passed this morning?"
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Donation Based (Verified users only)
: "🔮✨ Full In-Depth Donation Tarot Readings - Pay What You Can! ✨🔮"
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: "I hope you see this before asking for a reading"
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: "This individual has obviously been banned from this sub. They are threatening to STRIPE us down. Good RODDANCE to us. 🫤 A heads up to anyone who crosses paths with this individual. They are NOT friendly and we don't recommend getting a reading from them. 🚫🚫🚫"
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Sales (Verified users only)
: "✨free in depth readings✨ FIRST TIME CLIENTS ONLY🤍 120+ reviews"
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