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Ever wanted to get a tarot reading? Ever wanted to read a strangers cards? Then this is the place for you. Subreddit dedicated to Tarot Readings!!! Learning and honing the skills for Tarot. Exchanging and requesting readings. Sell Tarot Readings, if you are a professional Tarot Reader and want to sell readings this is the place for selling readings, once you have proven you are professional Reader. You can only post advertisements for paid readings if you're verified!

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Paid Reading
: "Readings. Advice, choices, what's next, how to, messages, love, relationships, family, pet, career, finances, studies, travel, lifetsyle, dream, self and many other topics. Your reading will be delivered by audio file."
104 posts
Free Readings
: "Readings for practice"
34 posts
Donation Based
: "free tarot readings!"
31 posts
: "Looking for a reading exchange"
7 posts
Interpretation Help
: "Is there a chance for my ex to come back to me?"
5 posts
Reading Exchange
: "Free Readings 💕"
3 posts
: "pls help :("
3 posts
Reading Request
: "Best tarot reader?"
3 posts
Pick A Pile Reading
: "😍 What Others Find The Most Attractive About You 🔮 Pick A Card 🔮 Timeles..."
2 posts
Optional Donation
: "love readings 💋"
1 post

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