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r/Tarots is an Open Discussion Forum on the Tarot, Runes, Witchcraft and so much more.

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tarot interpretation
: "Is it safe to involve my parents in my business venture?"
22 posts
professional reading services by consultthetarot
: "Tarots News: This is our Menu of Professional Reading Services by ConsulttheTarot. Tarots only endorses ConsulttheTarot for Professional Services. This is for the peeps looking for Professional Reading Services to purchase."
5 posts
Tarots Annoucement
: "Merry & Blessed Samhain. Happy Halloween too."
3 posts
discuss our tarot card of the week
: "The Hanged Man: this is our Tarot Card of the Week. How do you all interpret this card for yourself? For others? and more inside..."
2 posts
runes throw & message
: "Othala & Uruz: It is time to unlock your UNTAMED POTENTIAL. (click comments, to see rest of reading in comments section...)"
2 posts
tarot discussion
: "Can someone please give me a free reading?"
2 posts
: "The Hanged Man from Swordswomen Tarot"
1 post
Charity Drive
: "Doctors without Borders: The best organization in Gaza. They are directly asking the Global Public for donations to help the and for the Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza."
1 post
a message from the tarot
: "Special Message for SAMHAIN: MAGIC is REAL. More inside, click comment section..."
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join the discussion
: "3 of Pentacles: How do you interpret this card for yourself? For others? Any insights? & more inside..."
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