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tarot card of the week
: "The Sun"
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professional reading services by consultthetarot
: "Tarots News: If you are seeking Professional Reading services to purchase, we (only) endorse Consultthetarot. This is her Menu of Professional Services to purchase."
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honor animals
: "There is a Peeping Tom at the window LOL"
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Tarot Reading Club with Members, all exp levels
: "Tarot Reading Club between Members: These are our RULES on our Tarot Reading Club"
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our FOCUS tarot card of the week, join the discussion
: "Three of Pentacles, Everyday Witch Tarot"
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: "4 of cups + death card confused"
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tarot interpretation
: "Tarot Second Decan Gemini, Nine Air Despair and Cruelty This card owes its title from the influence of Mars in the Air astrological sign Gemini. This combination results in a rush to express opinions and draw conclusions typically expressed in combative, corrosive, and uncaring vocabulary."
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: "Witchy: What herbs, plants and spices do you utilizes in your witchcraft practice?"
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a message from the tarot
: "5 of Pentacles/The Fool: Sorry this is happening to you. Whatever is happening to you, let what is causing your suffering END and NOW."
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tarot discussion
: "First Decan Gemini, Tarot Eight of Air, Swords, Overall the tendency is to overvalue small things to overanalyze and in so doing miss the bigger picture. "
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