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Tile C-54: This subreddit contains almost every aspect of Ceramic and Mosaic Tile. This includes but is not limited: glazed wall, ceramic, mosaic, quarry, paver, faience, glass mosaic and stone tiles Please submit videos, pictures of beautiful and amazing works, and your own work for us to admire, or help you finish.

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: "In love with my kitchen Tile"
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: "First Curbless Shower, second tile job ever. What do you think? Waiting on custom glass doors to be delivered."
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: "Just got done finishing up this Bathroom for a friend. First time doing tiles for someone else. Pretty happy about the results!"
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: "My old profile vanished.. starting over again. Getting close on this Job"
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: "TEC Power Grout dissolving help please"
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: "First timer diy double bathroom Remodel"
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Shower Job

: "We’re dissatisfied with this niche, can anybody tell me if this was tiled correctly? The edges are so sharp to the touch I think they should have used bullnose or quarter round but is there any other issues with it? Thanks!"
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: "Shower tile Job"
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Shower Tile

: "Crazy mosaic job (21yr old tile setter"
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Pain & Anger
: "One of the ugliest showers I’ve ever installed"
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Advice Requests
: "How to silicone "
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Solution Requests
: "Customer wants pebbles a few inches onto ditra. Any ideas?"
10 posts
Money Talk
: "I mean, that's pretty expensive to be using as a floor cover"
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