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While /r/asktransgender and other trans groups are great, some of us have families, partners, careers, and all the other trappings of not being in our 20s any more. Here's somewhere to talk about these things and the issues we face in transitioning. This is not a fetish group or a place for chasers, crossdressers and posts attracting chasers are highly discouraged. Please be aware of our rules. Note that all new accounts will be moderated.

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: "Reminder that this sub isn't just for trans women"
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: "I’m gonna be a girl! 36 yo day 1"
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: "My Parnter sat me down, & we picked out this dress:"
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Filtered Pict
: "Crazy what HRT and self care can do. 2018-2024"
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: "Two weeks in. Wearing a pepper bra"
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