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A peer support community for adults who experienced sexual abuse as children. This is a place to share our stories, experiences, solutions and support with others who are closer to our own age. We have spouses, children, full time jobs, pensions and other responsibilities that differ from those of our siblings in their teens and younger.

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DAE (Does Anyone Else?)
: "Anyone become a child again in relationships/hook ups?"
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Advice requested
: "Iā€™m considering sharing my story on social media because I want it to be more acceptable for other male victims to talk about their experiences with SA."
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Trigger Warning
: "A PSA on people wondering if their CSA or abuse is real."
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: "I Had a Child with My Parent/Abuser"
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: "I loved my brother"
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Was this abuse?
: "Does grooming always have to result in a sexual relationship/exploitation?"
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: "A poem"
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Coping methods
: "Using Art to Cope"
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: "Death of Omegle"
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