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A subreddit to discuss the art of bonsai. Beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners all welcome. Share photos, ask questions or lurk in the shadows, all welcome. Uncivil and rude comments will be removed, repeat offenders will be banned.

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General Question
: "Out of all the bonsai sizes, what’s your favourite and what’s the best beginner wise?"
57 posts
Show and tell
: "One of My winning collection international bonsai show"
26 posts
Styling Advice
: "Casuarina Pine Tree On Rock formation ( soil less medium ) 8 yrs old in Traning "
20 posts
Diagnosing Issue
: "Help! I have juniper bonsai that I recently got gifted, started noticing it turning brownish yellow? What can I do?"
13 posts
General Discussion
: "My Bonsai Ficus Banyan 80yrs on pot "
12 posts

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