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A subreddit to discuss the art of bonsai. Beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners all welcome. Share photos, ask questions or lurk in the shadows, all welcome. Uncivil and rude comments will be removed, repeat offenders will be banned.

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General Question
: "Is this a Fukien Tea bonsai tree? First ever bonsai, grabbed from Sam’s Club because the rest looked dead and I wanted to save it."
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Show and tell
: "My first bonsai (carmona retusa) repotted."
20 posts
General Discussion
: "Is this Fiscus I found Worth it? (£17)"
9 posts
Diagnosing Issue
: "Struggling to get my Jade healthy"
9 posts
Styling Advice
: "First bonsai looking for advice on what I can do better"
7 posts

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