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A sub dedicated to bonsai trees and associated plants and art styles. Focusing on bonsai techniques (growing, styling, wiring, repotting), sharing & critiquing member trees, bonsai care and general help. Get more trees!

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Show and Tell
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Discussion Question
: "Beginner here: thoughts on this Costco tree?"
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Styling Critique
: "My plum is flowering! "
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Long-Term Progression
: "Dug up my trident maple trunk fusion I planted 7 years ago"
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Inspiration Picture
: "Kiyohime maple 11" tall in a Japanese pot"
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Museum/Professional Nursery Visit
: "Spent the last 12 days in Japan and was lucky to have a guide to get me into some public and private gardens. Now I'm back home and getting ready for the Atlanta show this weekend."
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: "Tsukuma Sawara Cypress in a thrifted pot"
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Pro Tip
: "How to ramify Malus (Apple) and Chaenomeles (Quince) material."
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: "Windswept cypress Tanuki progression "
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: "Hit a new level of crazy"
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